7 Modern Design Techniques for Website Development

7 Modern Design Techniques for Website Development

7 Modern Design Techniques for Website Development

With every new year, the style for website designing takes a new turn as new elements and techniques add up. In 2020, web designers have this exciting opportunity to express and explore their designing creativity. For web designers, it is far more than just imagination but a real challenge to introduce a website that stands out.

However, there are several questions that need to be answered. These are should web development be done by following the designing trends? or should it purely be based on creativity? The market demands unique content every year to attract new visitors. Also, the trick is to use content relevant to our culture along with some innovations.

Moreover, the attractive web design makes an impression on your visitors and improves sales. To make your website stand out on this flooded platform, you need the best website development services for your website. Therefore, BMSAS Technology is providing you with seven modern design techniques to develop a website of your own choice. Gear up!

Don’t Bombard Your Visitor with Information

With emerging trends, the creativity of a website designer has taken a new road but they have to stick with the choice of a client. Several clients have shown an interest in clean but modern website designing. It means they don’t want visual complexity that is based on giving multiple columns on the signal page. The visitors don’t like clutter that’s why they always give examples of Apple’s official website.

Therefore, in web development, the designer has to white space to give breathing rooms and to give resting aids to visitors’ eyes. White space gives your website a perfect set of proportions and visual aid to visitors to read everything clearly. The avoidance of complex visual elements and usage of white space with a single column can make your website stand out.

Background Videos and Feature Videos can make your Website Attractive

Background Videos that play automatically when you open the page adds more to the modern website development services. Usage of this element can always be helpful in all its ways because it tells the story about your services. Thus, take a very little visitors to understand what is your business offering.

Moreover, the videos have sixty thousand times faster compatibility rate with our brains. So, we tend to understand and remember the things we see. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to share short videos of products your website is offering along with background videos. Several web development designers have recommended this element as it’s helpful in convincing buyers about the value of a product.

Follow Card Design Layouts

As we know website development services often face the clients’ comments that they need simple but attractive layouts. Therefore, it is a need of an hour to employ some simple but modern layouts of the website. One of the trending layouts of the website is card design inspired by Pinterest. The card design has a picture on it with a short catchy description. In other words, this square shaped card gives information to visitors with a visual element.

Moreover, web development has achieved conciseness through this card design format. You can display multiple products side by side with chunks of the information below each product. However, the size and number of cards should be friendly with the smaller and larger screen.

Use Trendy Colors and Bold Fonts

Every year, the color of the year of websites changes like in 2018 and 2019, it was yellow and blue for websites, respectively. But, in 2020, mint has announced as the color of the year. To make an attractive website, website development services have to use this color or at least a tint of it. However, before relying on the psychology of colors, it’s essential to match it with the brand you’re offering.

The trending and popular fonts for websites are san-serif, serif, and vintage font. But, according to new website designing techniques, bold font is giving a more appealing look to a website. Also, the screen dominating text and easy to read font makes website text more readable.

Express through Digital Illustrations and Dynamic Scrolling

Most of the website development services have started using illustrations that make the website unique and appealing. The idea of illustration can be taken from the printed publications and other conventional art formats. Moreover, with the advancement of coding capability, illustrations can be presented far beyond the 2D designs.

The companies associated with web development are using 3D illustrations in designing attractive websites. These illustrations mostly include the use of gradient shading, digital cut-out styles, and 3D cursor interactions.

How about Introducing Brutalism?

The future website designing is far more different than the present one. There is an era of colossal cursors, system fonts, crazy hovers, and raw designs is coming. So, why not start doing experiments with such brutalism before it spreads throughout the platform. A great website needs tons of stuff in one place but conciseness and attractiveness are always the priority factors.

Therefore, Brutalism gives website development services an opportunity to create light mode, optimistic, and childish designs for the young generation. Moreover, brutalism represents pop and punk culture. Also, the usage of animations and bold aesthetics can make the visitors dizzy but equally give a unique experience.

Use People’s Photos but Don’t Use Stock Photos

In website designing, the significance of people’s faces cannot be neglected. Why so? Because we are designing a website for the people and no doubt these photos possess magnetic force. According to a case study by Basecamp, the photos of employees along with texts have raised the sales threefold. So, you need to put some employees’ pictures on your websites to make it look people-friendly.

However, the website development services should consider not using stock photos because of their unoriginality. As the visitors care about reality, so it is important to gain their trust by showing genuine stuff. Remember! Your website demands you to be you so show the real faces of your team.

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